All surrogacy programs, including surrogacy combined with egg and sperm donation and commercial surrogacy, are legal in the Ukraine and most of the clinics there have the primary goal of helping surrogate mothers and biological parents find one another. They will assist them in finding the correct information including surrogacy cost in Ukraine as well as other information about one of the most controversial and sensitive areas of family law.

The surrogacy laws in Ukraine are some of the most favorable in the world and they completely support an individual’s reproductive rights. It is one of the few places that will allow international surrogacy while having legislation in place that makes it very advantageous for everyone to pursue surrogacy there. The legislation in Ukraine states that the surrogate mother is not allowed to keep the baby after birth, that along with the surrogacy cost in Ukraine makes is a very attractive option for intended parents.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

They have several guidelines in place including that the potential surrogate should be between the ages of 20 to 40 years old, she must be somatically and mentally healthy, she must not have any relation to the intended parents and she must have at least one healthy child of her own, while her marital status has no relevance at all. There must be a written contract, or consent, in place between all parties (the surrogate and the potential parents).

The surrogacy in Ukraine and its cost is another deciding factor for many people that are seeking surrogacy as a means to become parents. The average cost is approximately 50 to 60% less expensive in the Ukraine than in the United States; it is also said that there is more availability of the young surrogate mothers is greater in the Ukraine than in the United States.

It is believed that the legislators in the Ukraine choose to adopt a more logical approach to surrogacy when compared to most of their European counterparts. They have decided to allow the intended parents to carry on a surrogacy program and have their names on the child’s birth certificate when the baby is born as a result of being in the surrogacy program from the beginning. The child is considered as legally “belonging” to the intended parents from the moment of conception so that the surrogate can not keep the baby after birth. The surrogacy cost in Ukraine can even be considered as a donation.

In general the whole legal situation is pretty favorable, they allow embryo research and both embryo and gamete donations is permitted on what is considered a commercial level. The single women have the option of being either an anonymous or known donor insemination. Also, since a lesbian marriage is not acknowledged by law these couples are not mentioned in any law and as such they can be treated as single women. All of this combined with the surrogacy cost in Ukraine makes it a very attractive and viable option for those wishing to become parents.

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