Desert Safari Tour

Many of us are usually peeking into our savings account to see if they can afford their dream vacation or not. For the people who have a calm yet adventurous Desert Safari as their dream vacation, this article is a boon! Today I am going to share some of the Desert Safari Dubai Prices and you can get the idea of what you are buying and how much it can cost you. Desert safari is one exclusive visit to the desert and it not only includes you exploring the natural beauty of the desert. It surely is a major aspect of Desert Safari but the tours you can get offer you a lot more than this. In Desert safari Tours you can enjoy various adventurous activities. You can make memories yourself as vacations are all about spending an unforgettable time together. Desert Safari Dubai Prices of these extra special tours are not costly so yes take a deep breath. As I said that this tour can make your vacations really lavish and flaunt able, I meant it! Its sole reason is all the activities and ventures that Desert Safari Tours include. Once you go for Desert Safari, you’ll feel like diving into the beauty of red dunes of the desert. Here are some of the examples of such mesmerizing Desert Safari tours along with their Desert Safari Dubai Prices:

  1. Morning Desert safari:

Morning Desert Safari package always gives life to an energetic day. And such days are mandatory on vacations to keep your vacation morale high and strong. The morning desert safari gives you the privilege of enjoying the following services provided by the organizers in the desert:

Desert Safari Tour

  • Desert Dune Bashing
  • Sand Boarding
  • Camel ride

The time duration of 4 hours is provided for this tour. The reasonable price of this Morning Desert Safari is USD 40$. You can take as many photographs as you want and praise the beauty of the desert.

  1. Camel Trek safari:

This is a unique Desert safari deal. In this deal, it’s all about the natural beauty that you witness in the desert. The services that you can enjoy in this heavenly cute Desert Safari are:

  • Camel Riding
  • Witness Soul Cherishing Sunset
  • Visit the Camel farms
  • Interact with the innocent creatures
  • Get to know about their habitat.

A whole Desert safari Tour dedicated to the natural beauty of the desert and the ship of a desert!

The duration of this tour is 5 hours. The Dubai Desert Safari Deal provides you the best reasonable price for this tour, USD 70$.  

  1. Sunrise Desert Safari:

This tour provides you a chance to enjoy the absolutely soothing sunrise in the desert and witness golden hour scattering its beauty all over the sand dunes of the desert. Take a dive into the natural beauty of the desert and after that enjoy the following services provided by the organizers:

  • A ride along the sand dunes.
  • An Arabic styled breakfast.
  • Falconry show.

The time duration of this tour is 4 hours. The price of this Desert Safari starts from USD 70$. Enjoy the cold weather of the desert in the morning and bring life to your vacations.

  1. Desert safari with Burj al Khalifa Ticket:

That’s a combo to provide you a perfect day for embellishing your vacations in Dubai with memories.  This tour gives you a chance to explore the two most attractive things in Dubai. The desert and the highest building in the world! Along with the chance of exploring the Desert, you can enjoy the following activities:

  • Sightseeing the matchless Dubai like a hawk from Burj al Khalifa.
  • Get cleansed by the beauty of sunset in the desert.
  • Camel Riding.
  • Henna Painting.
  • Hubble Bubble Corner.

The price of this Desert Safari Tour starts from USD 100$.

These were some of the Desert Safari Dubai Prices to escort you to choose the perfect day for your vacations. Best of luck!   

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