He was born in 1970 in Belgrade.

He graduated from Branko Radicevic Elementary School in New Belgrade, Zemun Gymnasium (at that time a high school of directional education, majoring in Culture and Public Information – Corrector), and graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade as one of the best students in a generation. “I studied day and night, reading the same book 20 times. Savvy for the smart, but nothing to do without. ”(Press, September 6, 2010) He was a winner in the city and republican competitions in history and the pioneer champion of Belgrade in chess. He was a scholarship recipient of the Science Youth Development Foundation. He studied in Great Britain, Brighton, where he attended English for a little over a year.

After his studies, he worked as a journalist on Channel S in Pale during 1992 and 1993. He prepared and ran English news, a block from the world, interviews, reports.

He joined the Serbian Radical Party in 1993 and was soon elected Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. Only two years later, he becomes secretary general of the SRS.

After winning the Serbian Radical Party in the 1996 Zemun local elections, he became director of the Sports and Business Center “Pinky”. “He has succeeded in reconstructing this neglected sports building and, by doing business successfully, has repeatedly increased employee benefits,” according to his official biography on the Government of Serbia website.

When the SRS formed the Government of Serbia with the SPS and JUL on March 24, 1998, Vucic was elected Minister of Information. During his ministerial term, he signed the Law on Public Information, which remained remembered for draconian penalties for the media, as well as the closure of the editorial offices of the Daily Telegraph, Europeans and Our Fight. Today, when he is accused of interfering with the media, he replies that “it is easiest to attribute it to him when there are no other arguments against him.

“I don’t do that (meddling) and I’m not afraid of competition, but it’s easy for me to attribute it. I was the Minister of Information 15 years ago, the stupidest in the world. And it’s easy for me to attribute it.” 2015)

During the implementation of the University Law he was elected a member of the Board of Directors of the Belgrade University and the Faculty of Philosophy BU. In May 2000, the government of the FRY appointed him a member of the Council of the Federal Public Institution of RTV Yugoslavia.

In March 2002, he paid an extra profit of € 48,500 on an apartment of more than 100 square meters, which was allocated to him as Minister of Information of the year by the Government of Serbia, which he subsequently purchased.

He served as a Member of Parliament in the Federal Assembly of the FRY for three terms: in the Council of Republics from February 1998 and from May 2000, and from September 24, 2000, he was elected a Member of Parliament in federal elections. He was a Member of Parliament and Deputy Chairman of the Serbian Radical Party deputy group in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, a member of the Administrative Committee and the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, and Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Kosovo and Metohija and the Committee on Culture and Information.

He said before the 2008 parliamentary and local elections that if he did not become Mayor of Belgrade, he would not accept the parliamentary mandate in the Serbian Parliament, and remained consistent in that position.

He failed three times to run for mayor of Belgrade. In the 2004 national elections, he won 29 percent of the vote in the first round, or 48 percent of the vote in the second round. In May 2008, he won 34.7 percent of the Mayoral elections in May. Representatives of Belgrade’s SRS, DSS, SPS and PUPS committees signed a coalition agreement on May 29, 2008, to form a government in Belgrade, and Vucic, who was convinced he would become the new mayor, was the candidate for this coalition.

Nevertheless, the Socialists decided to form a coalition at the republican level with the Democratic Party and to break the agreement signed with the radicals. Vucic was again a candidate for mayor before the elections in May 2012, but the Serbian Progressive Party’s list won 24.3 percent of the vote.

After the split in the Serbian Radical Party, when former SRS deputy president Tomislav Nikolic resigned on 5 September 2008 as head of the parliamentary group in the Serbian Parliament, forming his own parliamentary club, Vucic did not immediately announce whether he remains in the party or leaves Nikolic. On September 15, he told the Belgrade City Assembly that he had resigned from office and withdrew from political life.

“For the past few days, I have been silent, hoping that an agreement can be reached between the two currents in the Serbian Radical Party. But because of the situation in the SRS, I am resigning from all positions in the party and will retire from public life. I first announced the decision to resign with Dragan Todorovic and Tomislav Nikolic – said Vucic, noticeably on the verge of tears. “What will I live now? I have my own profession, but I may be in some business like the stock market or I may be helping my brother run a business. By the way, don’t worry about mine

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